Information needed on defender proportionality and suitability

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I need to know which one is better internet security or anti-virus. I have heard many things about them but I still do not know which one to go for. As far as I am concerned I will go for the most secured one. Someone kindly enlighten me with the basic differences and help me choose the right one.

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Information needed on defender proportionality and suitability


Internet security and an antivirus program are almost the same in terms of purpose, they both help protect the system from unwanted attacks and malwares that might penetrate the computer.

But internet security offers more functionality and security compared to an antivirus program.

An antivirus is only limited to detecting, monitoring, and removing different malwares from the system. It monitors the behavior of all the applications in the computer. It also offers spyware detection and blocks online attacks.

An internet security has more features. It is also capable of detecting, monitoring, and removing virus from the system. It monitors all the processes on the computer and analyzes different application behaviors.

It also has spyware detection. And this is the best part, it monitors the computer’s firewall including the inbound and outbound connection of the machine.

It can easily block different outside attacks.

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