Control Panel Missing on my Windows XP Computer

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My Control Panel is missing. I can’t find it on the start menu, so I tried explorer. exe but it wasn’t there. The Administrative Tools appears on the Control Panel’s place. I tried opening the task manager, but ctrl+alt+del won’t work. An alert box appears telling me that the task manager has been disabled by your administrator.

When in fact, I am the only user of this computer. I scanned for viruses and my AVG had found a Trojan. KillVA virus. The anti virus can't delete the virus. I booted from safe mode,but the control panel didn’t show.

I made another profile, and luckily was able to find it in the right place. But the question is how can I restore it from my original profile? 

And which anti virus is effective to delete this kind of virus? My system is running Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3, Intel Dual Core, 160 GB HDD, 1 GB MB DDR. I can't afford to lose all my data's so in any case please send me replies which can absolutely fix and not reformat or re install my operating system.

Find the image similar to my start menu, wherein my control panel was replaced by administrative tools.

Administrative tools
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Control Panel Missing on my Windows XP Computer


Hello! Bob Mayfield,

Wow! That’s a lot of problems you are experiencing, luckily they all seem to be related to the Trojan.KillVA virus. Simply changing your profile does not get rid of the problem. 

Given some time that virus will strike the profile, unless totally removed from your system.  So, let’s go back to your original profile and try the following solutions to solve your problem.  Bare with me.

Here are possible solutions to your problem.

  1. First things first, let’s try to access your Control Panel.  Move your mouse over to the “Start” button and right-click.  Select Properties, then select Customize then select the Advanced Tab, there should be a link to the Control Panel.
  2. If that doesn’t work, open Windows Explorer and Click on Folder Options, select the View on the tabs and navigate down to the option “Show Control Panel”, put a check or tick the box.
  3. Other ways to go to your Control Panel is by opening Windows Explorer, then in the address bar type “Control Panel”.  If that doesn’t work you can try and type “Control Panel” in Run.
  4. You can also try to cut to the chase and do a “System Restore” to a date when your computer was not experiencing this problem.  Hopefully, the Trojan has not yet corrupted this part of your system because for some people with that virus, the option to do a System Restore disappears.  Check to see if you can still do a “System Restore” and select the appropriate restore point.  Restart you computer and try accessing your Control Panel the normal way and you can not Add/Remove whatever you needed to.
  5. Download a Registry Cleaner and install it into your system.  Run the program and wait for it to detect the control panel issue.  Click on “Fix” and it will save a log, you will notice that it has detected some “no control panel” registries.
  6. Go back into “Safe Mode”.  Go ahead and run your Antivirus or spy sweeper software which detected the virus.  Once detected, go ahead and “Quarantine” or “Delete” it.  If it won’t let you.  Disconnect your internet and try the scan again.  There are times that it could cause it not to be deleted because it is using your internet connection.
  7. If your Antivirus program still cannot delete this, search the internet for an Antivirus that can.  This virus was actually discovered by Kaspersky, so that would be a good place to start.  If that doesn’t work, don’t give up and try other programs.  There are many that claim can remove it.
  8. If you are too tired and too desperate to move on, you can create a back up of all your safe files, move it to an external hard drive.  Make sure you have everything you need.  Do this only if you have no other choice and if you want to.  The next step would be to Format your computer.  It may sound extreme but if your computer is new and you just installed your OS, this is not such a bad idea.  However if you’ve had the computer for a long time and would take ages to install everything you need again, don’t do this.
  9. The internet is a good resource for other solutions as well, if you were not able to fix this problem with my solutions, my next advice is to use Google wisely and find the correct solution.  I do believe though that by now the solutions has solved your problem.

Good luck with this and if you need anything else, just ask here.

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Control Panel Missing on my Windows XP Computer


I downloaded Ccleaner, downloaded some free version of Anti spyware but that doesn't resolve the issue although I managed to fix the missing control panel by following your advice on your second step.

The virus seems to stay on my computer. Then I tried restoring my system.

The good thing is my computer is set to automatically create restore points. All is fixed now.

Thanks you for your big help.

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