Desktop Anti-Virus

Desktop Anti-Virus

I need to turn on the firewall of my Windows Vista for security purpose. But I am wondering how to do it. Could anyone help me how to turn on the firewall of my windows?

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I was planning on installing an anti-virus in my computer because these days a lot of issues are coming up with it. All the Files and folders automatically open up and close, and the PC works slowly. It takes 10-15 minutes for one File to open. So, I guess it is due to the presence of a virus. Can you please me a way to check my PC for virus or recommend some good anti-virus for the same? Thanks in advance.

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All my browsers have been hijacked by the search engine, which has taken over my browser homepage and search engines too. I have resorted to Google to help me solve this problem but I cannot seem to get an answer. I have cleared the history, homepage settings and even deleted one of the omiga files in regedit but nothing seems to work. Please help me solve this.

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Hi, I am an user of AVAST 2015 desktop anti – virus. As I've purchased it's premium version it should be working good. But I'm facing an weird problem as – every time I restart my computer the AVAST- 2015 desktop anti-virus finds and blocks a virus named TROJAN-VPS.exe. Any person can tell me what's happening?

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I am using Microsoft Security essential as a antivirus tool for my dextop pc.The problem is that it does not catch any virus but when we scan any drive  file or a folder.If it contains any virus,spam or malware it detects and clean it.Anyone knows why MSE does not catches virus automatically ?

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I just bought a new ASUS PC. After some months of using, I perform a full scan on it using my AVAST antivirus. A Trojan was detected after the scan. After eliminating the virus, my computer started to run very slow and it seems it is not performing well. Do I need to reformat my computer? Or do you have any other suggestions that will fix this issue?

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Hi experts,

I was installing Trend Micro Titanium to protect my system but I received the following error message “Installation Incomplete”. What is the cause of this error and how to remove this error? Help me to fix this problem.


Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security

Installation Incomplete

A problem prevented the installer from completely setting up Trend Micro  Titanium Maximum Security.

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Hello TechyV Experts!

Has anyone tried the Rising Antivirus 2007? I am an avid user of a free antivirus but I am curious with Rising Antivirus. Is it a good antivirus program? If it is, then I will switch to Rising Antivirus. Can anyone please tell me your experienced with Rising Antivirus? Have you encountered any problems with updates or with detecting and removing the high risk viruses? Please share us your knowledge and expertise. I need to know if I will be using the best antivirus software or not.

Please guide me.

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Hi Experts !!
I am having trouble to start repairs on Kaspersky Mac. I was using windows from last past 10 years but now I am using Mac. I am trying to install Kaspersky but installation failed due to power cut now I am trying to find repair on Kaspersky for Mac. Do I need to uninstall and install again for Mac. I am using Kaspersky version Thank you so much techyv.

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I use an antivirus named trend micro titanium on my PC which runs by windows 7. In a folder I had some 10/11 files, but now I can find only 3 files. These files show no data inside. When I go to the properties of those files it shows 0 bytes. I want to know how to recover 0 byte file. How can I recover data from these files? These data are so imp[ortant for me. Please help.


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