I need to know steps to setting MySQL host joomla

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I am installing Joomla for the first time & I have a dedicated hosting server that I will use to access MySQL server database, but I am having a problem when it comes to linking a username & a host name to my database as I don't get to access it. Anyone familiar with setting MySQL host Joomla?

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I need to know steps to setting MySQL host joomla



Before you can complete the setup of Joomla, first you need to have a database so that Joomla can store information about your website. Most popular database management system is MySQL.

So again as I said, before you can use Joomla, you must have a MySQL database into which Joomla will store all the content for your website. These instructions will show you how to set you a MySQL database, using the popular cpanel control panel that is provided by many web hosting services. But first you must to have these: your hosting service must use the cpanel control panel, you should know how to open cpanel and lastly you have already uploaded the Joomla package to your server.

Now these are the steps;

1. Open your cpanel control panel, then select the MYSQL icon by clicking it.

2. In the box labeled New Database, type the name you want for the database. Then click the Create Database button.

3. Enter a name and password for a user of databases in general, then create the user.

4. Allocate the user to the new database.

5. Enter database details into Joomla. In order to do this, you need to have the following information from earlier: database name, database user name and database password.

6. Tell Joomla about the MYSQL database you created earlier. 

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I need to know steps to setting MySQL host joomla


Hi Laura!

I found a websites which can help you in the steps setting mysql host joomla. You can read their forums so that you will learn and apply.

Link1: https://help.joomla.org/content/view/37/132/

Link2: https://www.wikihow.com/Set-up-a-Joomla-Website

Just read and follow their instructions carefully.

Thank You!

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