How to add swf to access form

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Hello, techyv!

I am using access 2007. I had a problem to add .swf to access form. Yesterday I want to add a .swf Macromedia flash movie into access. But I was failed to do it. I s there any way to add a .swf to access form?

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How to add swf to access form



Before anything else you need to make sure that you’re Microsoft Access is 2009 or later.

To add a .SWF in your Access file:

–          In your Start Up form on design mode select. (Insert Active X Control).

–          From the list select Shockwave Flash Object.

–          Then a dialog box will appear and on the dialog box select Properties.

–          Go to “All Tab”.

–          On the Activate Event Procedure type the following codes:

Private Sub Form Activate ()

                Me.obj_flashmovie.Movie  = Application.CurrentProject.Path + “/name of your flash file.swf”

End Sub

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How to add swf to access form



To insert a Macromedia flash movie into Microsoft Access, follow the steps below:
1. Go to Insert and click ActiveX Control in Design mode.
2. Choose Shockwave Flash Object from the list that appears.
3. Select Move Object Control from the Insert dialog box.
4. Click on the Shockwave Flash Object Control and choose obj_flashmovie properties.
Go to properties for the form and add the following code for On activating event procedure: Private Sub Form_Activate() Me.obj_flashmovie.Movie = Application.CurrentProject. Path + " / Movie1.swf". Here change the name of movie1.
swf to your desired name of the swf file.
Hope this helps.

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