MacDefender Malware on Mac Computer

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I am a windows user for a long time, but our office changed our platform to MAC. While working for some email attachments I received, I observed some irregularities on my computer performance and that is why I scanned my computer for some virus that might cause my MAC to slow down. An error message appeared after the scan and I posted below the screen shot.

Malware was found and removed from your computer.
The “MacDefender” malware was found and removed.

Since I am very new to MAC, I am not familiar with the error. I restarted my computer and scanned again and the same error message appeared. I disregarded the message and went back to my work and after I've done all my work, I scanned again my computer. The same error appeared.

Please help me understand, why this error keeps on displaying every time I scan my computer.

Thank you.

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MacDefender Malware on Mac Computer


Dear Chrischamp,

The message "Malware was found and removed from your computer.The MacDefender malware was found and removed" is a self explanatory and do not need to worry.

You know about viruses and malware, spy ware, worms also are the kind of viruses. So you don’t need to worry, your Antivirus has been working perfectly and clearly shows that malware was found and removed from your computer.

Your computer speed slows down due to virus (malware) and when this message appears press OK instead of avoiding this message because it’s not an error, this is just for your information.


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MacDefender Malware on Mac Computer


"New software is available for your computer.
If you don't want to install now, choose Apple menu>Software Update when you're ready to install".

I recommend to you to update your software, the Anti-malware security update 2011-003 through software update from the menu of Apple.

The above security update gives enough security in checking the malware, it also correct files in configuration.

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