Norton Internet Security 2012 is blocking my site

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It seems that “Norton Internet Security 2012” is blocking my site. Need a solution.

Fraudulent Web Page Blocked
You attempted to access:
This web page is a know fraudulent web page. It is recommended
that you do NOT visit this page.

Please help.


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Norton Internet Security 2012 is blocking my site


Hello Evelyn,

Norton is blocking that site you are trying to have access to because it has potential threats that might cause harm to your computer and therefore I will recommend that you do not access it. But if you are perfectly sure that the site does not have potential threats then you can do the following to access it:

  • Go to windows Security Center in the control panel.
  • Disable the Norton Internet Security from there.

You can now access the site successfully without it being blocked. Make sure that you turn the antivirus back on later to avoid malicious threats affecting your computer.



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Norton Internet Security 2012 is blocking my site


Modern antivirus, anti spyware products have a special engine that handles possible threats. These threats aren't exactly categorized into viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans. They are only suspected to have possible threats for your computer.

Such as the case of your blog, for some reason, being suspected as a threat. This case is definitely a false positive, being your actual blog, you know what it contains. There are many cases of false positives regarding websites, software containing toolbars or other software that is installed together with the primary one. Those are called ad-aware and their purpose is just for advertising.

To get to the actual point, what you need to do is set an exception for your website in Norton Internet Security settings for your website. Or you can just disable the Browser protection feature located in the settings menu.

Disabling the whole Norton Internet Security 2012 program will most likely leave you open to attacks and will compromise your system. That is not an option.

I hope this helps.

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