Pentium IV Computer suddenly stops working

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Yesterday I worked in my PC. But today I cannot start my PC. Yesterday I worked for long hours, shut down my PC before going to sleep. But when I tried to start my PC, I failed. It didn't start. I cannot understand what to do. I did not face any problem running my PC yesterday. Today I cannot start without any reason.

Is it because of virus? Or anything else? It is configured as intel Pentium IV processor, Asus motherboard,1 GB RAM, and 160 GB HD. What might be the problems?

Thank you.

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Pentium IV Computer suddenly stops working


Please do it accordingly:

  1. Check if all of your connections are OK. Make sure all the cables are working in order.
  2. Now try to start your PC.
  3. If it still doesn't start then it may be internal problem.
  4. If you have warranty, go to the shop from where you have bought it.
  5. May be your PC power supply failed.
  6. Your hard disk, motherboard, RAM all should be checked if all of those are OK. You cannot do it by yourself if you don't have another desktop PC of same technology. (As you described it is sure that you have pin processor and all the cables connected from power supply to main board and to other devices are ID cables).
  7. Sometimes ejecting the RAM and again installing it into the slot may work to start PC.

Last of all it is better to go to a well known or authorized service center for better solution if you cannot identify your PC problem yourself. Good Luck.

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Pentium IV Computer suddenly stops working


If the computer worked perfectly the night before the problem started, check the power outlet where the computer is plugged in and verify it has power. Once you verify it has power, next to check is the power cable of the CPU. Try replacing the power cable if you have a spare or buy a new power cable then see if it works.

Also, if the CPU is connected to a voltage regulator, check and verify that the voltage regulator is working properly. Try plugging in other appliance to the voltage regulator and see if they work. If the problem is with the voltage regulator, just plug your CPU directly to the power outlet for the meantime until you buy a new voltage regulator.

If none of these worked and your CPU doesn’t power up, you don’t see the LED power indicator on the CPU light up, there must be something wrong with the power supply. In this case, bring your CPU to the nearest computer repair shop to service it so the power supply can be checked.

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