System Unit does not Shut Down immediately

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How will I troubleshoot a desktop unit that does would take five minutes to shut down?

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System Unit does not Shut Down immediately


Hey Johnnie M Ehrhardt!

There are many possibilities of automatic shutdown but one of the major reasons is your heat sink. Your desktop unit is at the place where the temperature is high. Try to keep the temperature normal. There are many softwares that will help in telling you the temperature of your PC. More of it you can buy a small part and plug it in the CPU that will keep the heat sink at the normal temperature. I hope that you will not face this problem anymore if you control the temperature of your PC.


Tunacao Caaron


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System Unit does not Shut Down immediately



Hi Johnnie M. Ehrhardt,

    Well, that surely is a problem especially when you are in a rush. Instead of shutting it down, you are stuck at the screen where it tells you to wait while windows is shutting down. Now, this could be cause by a lot of processes running in your computer. You see, when your computer shuts down it takes time to scan your user profile, and then close all of the open connections to your registry as well as all the processes that took place. Due to issues made by some processes like virus scanners, it tends to slow down the shut down time of the computer. This issue is so common that it has reach microsoft’s ground. In order to get rid of this problem, they created “User Profile Hive Cleanup Service”. It aids windows in closing processes. If your OS is windows XP, then download it from Microsoft download center, but if it is windows vista or higher, then you don’t need to download that because it is already built in.

If your computer is run by Vista, then do the following:

1.       Open Control Panel

2.       Click  Performance, Information and Tools

3.       Go to Advance Tab

4.       View Advance Tab, and check the programs which slow down Windows’ shut down time.

5.       After you have found out, manage it yourself. End those programs before turning off Windows.

If your computer is run by Windows 7, refer to this link.


>>Mathew Joni<<

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