Help computer shutdowns every 10 mins

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hello guys i have a problem my computer restarts during high processing loads what should i do i have already cleaned my cpu case and i have also tried reformatting my computers what should i do guys please give me some tips in how to solve this by the way my computer specs are

sempron am3 140 clocked at 2.70 ghz

1 gig ddr2 ram

on board video and a740gm-m ecs motherboard

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Help computer shutdowns every 10 mins


It is the problem of the heat of your system, may be your fan is out of order which cools the processor and when you work a lot on your pc then it got restart and shut down. I was facing the same problem with my computer but i have changed the fan of my processor and put some cooling paste on the back of processor and i got rid of this problem. I suggest you to change your system fan and then check the results; I hope that your problem will be solved.


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Help computer shutdowns every 10 mins


Random shutdowns during high load is a sign of overheating.

Download and install a temperature monitoring tool such as "Core Temp".  Monitor your processor's temperature.  I have the same processor (overclocked to 3.1GHz using the stock heatsink and fan) and mine reads about 25 degrees Celsius on idle and about 39 degrees during 100% CPU load.  Yours should read about the same.

If your temperature goes higher than 40 then please try the following:

  1. Check if your heatsink is properly mounted on the processor.  A poorly mounted heatsink will cause your processor to heat up real quick during high CPU load.
  2. Check your fan if it is rotating properly.
  3. Clean the heatsink.  Dust buildup in the fins will cause poor air circulation and render your fan ineffective.
  4. If the problem persists after trying the 3 steps above, it's possible that the thermal paste needs to be replaced.  There are a lot of guides on the net on how to remove, clean up the heatsink and replace thermal paste. 

Hope this helps.

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