I cannot log in to my Windows 7 account.

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I cannot log in to my Windows 7 account. My wife accidentally changed my login password and now I cannot log in since I don’t know the password and she forgot it too. The problem is I have been looking around for the installation CD and just couldn’t find it anymore.

cannot log in as changed login password and forgot it too

I need this to reinstall Windows 7 to reset the current configuration. I don’t want to format my hard disk because I have so many important files on it. Is there a way to access my computer without my user password and without using any installation CD?

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I cannot log in to my Windows 7 account.



As far as I can tell there are two ways to solve the problem. 

The first way need a recovery USB, this way need that you have done a recovery USB before, which mean that you put within a normal USB drive a hashed version of your password, you won't do yourself but the system will do it for you, then you can use this USB drive to login to your when you lose your password.

I want to advise you that when you login again change your password and make a recover USB so that you won't be in this problem again.

The second method is rather default for a normal user, and it is based on a walk around, which basically will use a free Linux version like Ubuntu, installed on USB drives or in a live CD, this will allow to get into the files of windows a make some changes that will allow you to get the command line prompt before login in, by clicking on the ergonomic icon in the login screen, then you will be able to reset your password and login again.

Hope this helps.


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