I am new to this digital photography. What are “RAW” and “JPEG”?

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The best analogy that I've seen compares RAW format to old-style photographic film negatives.

They're never something that you want to look at directly, but if properly processed, they can be used to produce the image formats that you're more commonly used to seeing.

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I am new to this digital photography. What are “RAW” and “JPEG”?


Hi Kanck,

Absolutely you are right! Jpeg is a processed photo from the raw format. Jpeg are the photos

Compatible to any image format. You can do hundreds of shoots in an hour and can be printed
or released without any complicated processing or editing.
Below is sample of  a jpeg photo
Unlike Raw, it is just a sensor data and can't be called photo until it has undergo  processed.
Old cameras before saved raw data and can only be process and convert to a photo or a picture
in hardware much faster in a software that your computer automatically saved the picture as a Jpeg format.
below is a raw format after printing it without any editing
Can you see the difference?  
Hope you are.
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I am new to this digital photography. What are “RAW” and “JPEG”?



The word "JPEG" stands for “Joint Photographic Experts Group”. Actually JPEG is an image compression method. The image that compressed and decompressed using the JPEG rules we known as JPEG image. Exactly JPEG standers describe the codec that use to compress the image.

JPEG is the most famous and stranded image type that we use in today.

RAW is a format of an image. Suppose we took a photo from a digital camera. The original image that means without any processing activity, we called it as RAW image.

We call the RAW images as a digital negative of a image. We can transfer an RAW image into a any image file type such as JPEG image.

This is a article that I found that has comparison between RAW and JPEG.

Thank you.

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I am new to this digital photography. What are “RAW” and “JPEG”?


The RAW format is an image file format used by numerous professional and high-end cameras. This format is considered to be the best form of image file because the picture or image in this state is still unprocessed. This gives the user total control of the editing.

The file size of a RAW file is much bigger than with JPEG files (*.jpeg or *.jpg) but quite smaller than with TIF files (*.tif). The JPG file extension is a format used for lossy graphics file and the JPEG extension name is used interchangeably with JPG. The term “JPEG” stands for “Joint Photographic Experts Group” who also created the standard.

JPG files have two sub-formats: JPG/Exif and JPG/JFIF. JPG/Exif is frequently used in digital cameras and other photographic equipments. The JPG/JFIF sub-format is often used on the internet or the World Wide Web. The JPEG standard specifies the codec. This identifies how an image is compressed into a stream of bytes and decompressed back to an image but not the file format used to contain or hold that stream.

The Exif and JFIF standards define the commonly used formats for interchange of JPEG-compressed images. Both RAW and JPG files can be opened with Adobe Photoshop.

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