Pictures and Videos Look Overly Pixelated when Enlarged

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I have some problems viewing pictures and videos in my computer. I used the default Windows picture viewing in opening pictures.

It opened but the problem is when I enlarge it. It looks overly pixilated and I know it happens when stretched but this is very different. It’s so pixilated to the point that it’s hard for me to recognize the picture.

I installed another program which is Picasa viewing picture. I opened the picture using it and then I zoom in the picture for over 200% but it has smoother pixilation.

So, Picasa worked fine.

Now, I also experience the same problem with videos. I installed Real player and it is the one I used to open the videos.

When I enlarge the video, it was so pixilated.

What should I do?

Do I have to find another video player?

Can someone explain to me what’s causing this?

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Pictures and Videos Look Overly Pixelated when Enlarged


Hello Tom, the Windows Photo Viewer works just fine in terms of zooming, in and out or changing the display size. But, some functions like enlarging are not available to Windows Photo Viewer, you may be referring to Microsoft Office Picture Manager which features resizing the picture and stuff.

Using this application, you can simply resize the picture without worrying for the pixilated look of the enlarged version, as the enlarged version is as good as the original one zoomed in.

Now to answer your second question, the video resolution is a huge factor in pixilation. To have a decent full screen view of a video file, you'll need files having at least a 1024 x 768 original pixel resolution.

So bottom line the video quality of the file is the issue, there's not much a difference between quality viewing between Real Player, Windows Media Player or VLC media player, but I'd give an edge to WMP for audio volume however.

Have a good day !

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