I am getting a BootMGR is missing message

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There are lots of files that I do not need on my pc.

I decided to do a pc restore to factory defaults after backing up my important files.

Now, I’m getting a message that says “BootMGR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to Restart” whenever I turn it on.

It seems that I messed up with the settings.

I tried to do a startup repair but it’s asking for the HDD’s disc.

It is a Dell OptiPlex 380 Desktop and has Windows Vista Operating System. I should have not touched it.

Any solution you may have is very much appreciated.

I attached a screenshot for reference.

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I am getting a BootMGR is missing message


It seems that your BOOTMGR is corrupted; you need to restore or repair it. The main function of “bootmgr” is, it displays the menu selection of an operating system from the boot configuration data. What is Boot configuration data? It is a new Windows Boot Manager of Microsoft that replaces the boot.ini file. Boot configuration Data can be modified with bcdedit.exe (command line tool) or by using EasyBCD a third party tools that lets you to do advanced configuration.

Other possible cause of missing boot manager is some viruses. It removes certain portion of the boot loader files. Another is a Bad sector on hard drive. If the hard drive is failing and part of it is where the bootloader files are written then your computer might show this problem. This problem could also because of damage of loose IDE cables, check the cable first before conducting solutions below or least likely an outdated BIOS. You could also get this error if your computer has a USB stick plug-in while booting.

Here’s how you can fix this issue.

  1. Insert you Windows Vista installation CD in your CD/DVD-ROM.
  2. Perform a reboot on your computer.
  3. Your first boot option must be your DVD/CD ROM. You can configure it in BIOS setup.
  4. It will ask you about the keyboard layout click next and then will ask you again if you want to reinstall or have a system repair on your operating system.
  5. A “System Recovery Option” window will display.
  6. Click next and select “Start up repair” from the system recovery options. It will attempt to repair your system and later prompt you restart your computer.

You can also use the command prompt option from the list of “System Recovery Options” and type the command on the command line bootrec /fiboot. This should now fix the problem “Bootmgr is missing”. Remove the disk and restart your computer.

Another solution is to use the Bootrec.exe tool under Windows Recovery Environment.

  1. Insert you Windows Vista installation CD in your CD/DVD-ROM.
  2. Perform reboot.
  3. Select keyboard layout and time etc. and select “next”
  4. Click repair and the operating system that you will fix.
  5. Click command prompt under “System Recovery Options”
  6. Type the command bootrec /rebuild. Press Enter.
  7. It will show you the path of Windows directory if the command tool Bootrec.exe works. Select Yes to add the entry of BCD.
  8. If bootrec fails to detect your windows installations, you must delete the BCD store and re create it by typing the command bcdedit /export C:BCD_Backup press Enter. Type ren C:bootbcd bcd.ol, Enter, and the last command bootrec /rebuildbcd. Restart your computer. This will fixed the problem if the above solutions failed.
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I am getting a BootMGR is missing message


Hello Jennifer Thomas,

You don't have to worry about it. I have a solution to it. I tried by myself and it is 100% working you will get your windows and files back.  You will have to do is download a  software called Hiren's BootCD this is a completely free bootable CD that contains a load of useful tools for recovery etc. After download it you may follow the steps below.(Download the Iso file)

1.) Burn the Iso file from any Burner software I recommend power Iso.

 2.) Insert the disc into your dvd or cd ROM and set it in the bios as I priority boot

 3.) Choose the bootmngr is missing/NTLDR is missing,wait until the windows will load.

 4.) Then you already fixed the problem.


Hope it helps.. 🙂

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