How to use various wireless networks by Belkin 802.11g router

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I would like to request you to tell me whether it Is possible to subscribe a different wireless network using Belkin 802.11g router? If so, then could I share any other wireless network through it's ports?

Thanking you in advance for your suggestion/s.

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How to use various wireless networks by Belkin 802.11g router


Belkin router can broadcast wireless connection. This allows computer to detect the broadcasted network and if your computer has wireless card installed, then we have a match in here.

Computer's wireless card picks up the wireless network sends by the belkin router. If wireless network or SSID is secured then you need to type the network key to connect to the Internet using your belkin router.

Once computer authenticate properly to the network, then this should let you connect to the Internet wirelessly.

Go to Start, Control Panel then Network and Internet
Click on Network and Sharing Center
Select Change Adapter Settings in the left panel
Right click wireless network connection icon
Then left click on Connect/Disconnect
Choose the network you want to connect
Highlight on the SSID and click connect
Type the network key and this should be it

Once the status of your wireless connection says connected or network, you should be able to connect to the Internet wirelessly.

Now, about ports forwarding is only appliable if you have a devices that need specific port number. A gaming console or DVD blue ray playr are the good example that need ports forwarding. This can be done by opening this ports on the router.

Log-in to belkin interface
Go to the address bar, type
Type the log-in credentials, leave username blank and type admin for password
Click Log-in and you'll be on the Belkin interface
Go to Virtual Server and you should open some ports in here 

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How to use various wireless networks by Belkin 802.11g router


Do you mean to say if it's possible to use a different wireless network using your Belkin 802.11g router? It should be possible, you just have to use a different network name or SSID then it's a new network. Just access the router's graphic user interface using its software installed on your system or using your browser (by typing in the router's gateway number and entering the user name and password to access its settings), and change the SSID from there. You can have your wireless network and the internet connection itself shared through the router. Just allow access to the devices that need to share the internet, and it should be able to work.

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