Entry of Router Key in Wi-fi Connection

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I think I missed something.  I want to connect through a wi-fi connection but I cannot enter my router key which is 64 characters.  It only allows me to enter 12 characters.  Thus, I cannot use my wireless connection.  What should I do for me to be able to connect to my wi-fi?

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Entry of Router Key in Wi-fi Connection


Encryption key is use to authenticate when using wireless connection. This can be set in either 64, 128 bit character. It's character uses different format when setting up encryption code.

The 64 bit character accepts 5, 10 or 13 characters with alpha-numeric characters from letters A-F and 0-9 formats.

And 128 bit accept 26 characters alpha-numeric and or more depending on how many characters acceptable for encryption key.

In Windows, settings can be configure what characters and bits need to use for wireless encryption code. Here's the steps needs to be done when changing bits character acceptable for security key.

Go to Start, Control Panel then Network and Internet
Click on Network and Sharing Center
Select Change Adapter Settings in the left panel
Right click on Wireless Network Connection icon
Left click on connect/disconnect
Choose your wireless network of SSID among the list of wireless network detected
Right click on SSID and left click properties
Click on Wireless Security tab
Change the character bits from 64 to 128 bits
Then type your wireless network key or WEP

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Entry of Router Key in Wi-fi Connection


Are you using WEP as the security for your wireless connection? WEP uses 64 bit or 128 bit encryption key, but that doesn't mean it's going to be 64 characters long or 128 characters long. That would be too long a network key. WEP would use either hexadecimal characters that's 10 characters long if it's 64 bit and 26 characters long if it's 128 bit. If it's an ASCII encryption key, it would only be 5 characters long for 64 bit and 13 characters long if it's 128 bit. Try and check your router's settings and make sure what kind of security you have and what key you have. Then try connecting again.

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