How to use CMOS setup on my pc?

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I know how to use BMOS setup, but I don't know how to enter the CMOS setup.

And how does it differ from BMOS setup.

Do you guys have any idea about this?

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How to use CMOS setup on my pc?


Dear Dixon Chapman,

Setting up the CMOS is a very nerve-racking task. You need to be very patient in order to perform it. The common items that you can see from the CMOS setup are the following:

  • Boot order
  • Feature enabling
  • Confirm CPU settings
  • RAM settings
  • Time

To utilize the CMOS setup, follow the steps below:

1. Press the F2 key or the delete button when your computer boots up.

2. Choose the Load Setup Default option.

3. Input the current date and time.

4. Change the boot order. This mean which drive you want to boot first when you start your computer. Select to boot the hard drive first.

5. Check the CPU settings. The default will be launched. If not, set up the CPU to manufacture specifications.

6. Check the RAM settings. If there is an issue, go to manufacture's website.

7. Enable plug and play features.

8. Turn the Controller on if you will use any USB devices. Enable the 2.0 support to ensure that it will work on their best.

9. If you will use RAID, ensure that you also enable it.

10. If there is an option on your motherboard to keep the fan quiet, enable it.

11. Save your new settings.

Best Regards,

Bacon Medina

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How to use CMOS setup on my pc?


Hi Dixon Chapman,

You may use the CMOS for the following purposes

Change booting sequence

Over clock the system

Change system date and time

The following are different set up for different computers

Computer type                                                               Key to press

Some Toshiba                                                                 ESC

Some Toshiba                                                               F1

Some NEC                                                                     F2

Some COMPAC                                                             F10

Some IBM and  ps/2 model                                         Ins

Some Del                                                                        Reset twice

Difference between CMOS and BIO Set up

I want to clarify to you that it is called BIO set up not BMOS

BIO in the computer motherboard contain instructions on how the computer will start (boots)

It is updated by the BIO update.

COSMOS on the other hand are powered by COSMOS battery.

It contain system setting and is updated by COSMOS setup

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