How to Fix Annoying Sound Inside the CPU?

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I am currently using an Office computer.Every time I start it makes a very annoying sound from inside the CPU. The noise persists for a while then after a short period of time am able to start my computer and work on it.How do I deal with this problem of making this noise and taking too long to start?

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How to Fix Annoying Sound Inside the CPU?


Noise is normal on a computer. It may help us to detect what is the computers problems. We depend on the noise, that’s what we called beep codes. On your cases, every time you open your computer, you hear an annoying sound inside the CPU. It might be:


  1. Probably it’s the cooling fan. It is probably clog up with dust and stuff or not revolving properly. Open the tower and make sure it's not clogged with dust. You can use a paint brush to clean it or had the fan replace.
  2. Your computers CD/DVD drive. Make sure you don’t have any disk stored in the drive.


These are the basic checks that can be done.

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How to Fix Annoying Sound Inside the CPU?


Noises on the computer is not that very unusual especially if it's an old computer. The main reason is 

that it may the moving parts on your CPU like the fans, hard disk and the cd/dvd drives. It might be 

that these parts are getting worn out from all that using of it. There are some ways to find out which part 

of the CPU is making all that noise. First is to open your CPU and disconnect all of the fans that are installed 

in it. Then, boot your pc. If the annoying noise is gone, it might be that one of your CPU fans is already defective.

Plug it one at a time to find the defective one. The second one is the hard disk. You will know if your hard disk is 

already damage it makes a chirping sound like skipping inside. The last thing to check if your CPU has something 

wrong in is to listen to any beeping sound in it. Here is a site that will help you identify the meaning of these beeping 

sounds, I hope this simple explanation will help you with your problem. 

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How to Fix Annoying Sound Inside the CPU?




Noise that come up when the computer is started is almost always caused by the CPU fan on your machine. It will require some time to stabilize its speed which is depended on the temperature of your computer's central processing unit. The CPU fan would run at full RPM when the computer starts, then it will be throttled down by the fan controller on the motherboard depending on the temperatures set. If you have a CPU tower that has accumulated a lot of dust inside, this will allow heat to stay inside the CPU tower causing the fan to spin faster to try and compensate for the added heat inside. This will make your CPU tower noisier. Try and have your IT guys clean the inside of the tower and see if it helps.


Thank you. Hope it helps.


Clair june

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