How to safely install a program without copying GDI +?

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Hi all,

With the assistance of a pleasant consultant here at work we’ve discovered the following: What we have finally arrived at is getting the latest edition of gdiplus.dll (as of the framework 2.0 file) from our device, copying this to system32. Next it permits us to install the program. Before we really ran the program, we copied the gdiplus.dll in the Windows Defender directory.
Then we got it out of system32 (since the guidelines were specific not to keep it there, there was no need to leave it there). That means it works, but I don't suggest anybody who are using GDI screw their devices to do it.
Please help me to find out if there is any other user friendly system to do this.
Thanks for your reply.
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How to safely install a program without copying GDI +?


Here is a list of the possible things that caused this error and their solution that you can try:

Accidentally deleted the gdiplus.dll file.

  • Restore the gdipluss.dll from Recycle Bin.

You may have a virus or other malware infection that damaged the DLL file.

  • Run a virus/malware scan of your entire system.

Some patches or updates replaces the DLL files on your computer, the gdiplus.dll maybe one of them.

  • You need to install Windows updates.

If the error occurs when you try to install a program. 

  • Reinstall the program that uses the gdiplus.dll.

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