Purchasing a new desktop for office use

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I want to purchase a new desktop for office use. 

We have a store in town which assembles computer units according to the customers specification and I want to try that. 

However, I'm not familiar with hardware's. 

What things should I consider  and what could be your suggestions in terms of the specific hardware components my desktop should have?

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Purchasing a new desktop for office use


Hi user

First thing you want to consider is the processor speed. These determine the performance of your desktop. The higher the speed the faster the desktop will be. For office use I would recommend about 2 Ghz.

Next thing is memory. High memory is needed for multimedia or heavy applications. But for office use 1-2 GB is just enough

Storage space – The amount of space to store data. If you want to store large amounts of data get 500+ GB of space.

Video card – Do not buy a video card as the built in video card is sufficient for office use. Video card is required  for gaming and multimedia stuff.

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Purchasing a new desktop for office use


Hello Dudanbic,

There are several things that you will have to consider when setting up the store. You will have to consider the models of the computers that users tend to like most. For instance, some users will consider using HP models even if there are other models that have proved to be better made. So since you are doing business you will go with the user preferences and not what the machine can offer.

You should also consider the RAM capacity of the machines, because if you sell your buyers machines that may turn out to be extremely slow then they may not come back to your shop again.

Hard disk capacity and processor speed are factors to consider, and the battery lifetime too.


Clair Charles

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Purchasing a new desktop for office use


Custom built computers are better than not but this depends on what your tastes are when it comes to computer. Doing a custom built computer allows you to choose the desired specifications needed for office works and other needs for computer.

You need more memory since you are going to use this computer for office works. Office works needs you to save data files more often and sometimes, large numbers of information needed to be stored.

Faster processor is what you want to ensure fast and reliable computer when it's needed the most. Since it's an office's computer, so it needs a fast pace computer for faster transactions. More processor installed means you can process more data in seconds.

The high video card is needed to make sure all graphics are not being ignored. Pictures, images, videos need to be clear to ensure nothing has been left over. Clear images are badly needed to ensure all data entered are correct, so invest in this hardware specification.

Keyboards, mouse, speaker, camera and other necessary accessories needed to complete the computer package must be in high quality. These components are often less prioritized by many but not to ignore their role because these components are being used almost every minute.

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