How to upload subtitles in kmp Media Player

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I like watch movies by different languages with subtitles. Some times there are subtitles and sometimes it shows that there are no subtitles. In most cases I come to know that there were subtitles in the files.

So I searched in the internet and found out that subtitles can manually be loaded but could find out how. I need some suggestions about how to load subtitles manually. Should someone know about this method please kindly help me.

Mickey Nixon

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How to upload subtitles in kmp Media Player


Hey Mickey!

Sometimes when we download the movie, it does not have subtitles in it. What we need to do is just to find out the subtitles of the movie in the particular language you want. You can download it from here:

Once downloaded, extract the file as it will be in the .rar format. After extraction of file you will have .srt file.

Rename that .srt file as the name of your movie file. (For example if your movie file name is Harry Porter.avi, you have to rename your .srt file as Harry

Place both the files in the same folder and run your movie, you will be able to see the subtitles.


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How to upload subtitles in kmp Media Player


Most of the modern file formats for video such as MKV have subtitle data encoded within them and kmplayer  will be able to detect it automatically during playback (simply right-click and choose Subtitles then Show Subtitles) or press ALT+X, but older  video file formats such as AVIs and MPGs will not have the subtitles encoded within them.

Thus,we may need to download the subtitle (the file format is SRT) from Or simply Google it with the name of the movie and download it then associate the SRT file with the video file. It may sound complex but in fact it as simple as making a cup of tea (if you know how to make it).
So here is a step by step instruction about the process if you didn't get the above one.
Step-by-Step Instructions:
Create a new folder on your computer and copy the movie file there. Add the subtitle data file (.SRT format) into the same folder.
Rename the subtitle file so it matches the filename of the movie in the same directory, apart from the extension which should remain as .SRT.
E. g. if the movie is called abd.avi, change the subtitle file to
Now, locate the KMP media player shortcut on your desktop and double-click to launch the player. Alternatively, locate the program in the Windows Start menu and click it once.
The KMP media player window will open.
Right-click anywhere on the main player window and choose Open and then File(s).
An explorer window will then open.
Locate the video file you wish to watch with subtitles in the directory created in first step and double-click to load it in the KMP player.
The movie opens and KMP media player automatically loads the subtitles contained in the same directory.
Press the Play button to start playback. Right-click anywhere on the main player window and choose Subtitles and then Show Subtitles.
As an alternative, by pressing ALT + X you can toggle between hide/show subtitles.
Also you can drag and drop the subtitle that you want to use with your movie if you feel bored, incase to rename the subtitle as same as the movie name.
If there is a synchronization problem with the subtitle playing then you can synchronize it by pressing [ for (-0.5 sec) or] for (+0.5 sec) or shift +] for (+5sec) or shift+{ for (-5sec) or alt+Y for (for default) as required.
 For more information, refer to the link:
Hope it solves your problem,
If you have still any problem feel free to ask here or pm me.
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How to upload subtitles in kmp Media Player


Thank you so much Wajih, that was the answer I was looking for. I never knew until now that the subtitle should have the same name as the movie.

Thanks a lot for your time in providing me with a very detailed answer.

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