NSIS Error Installer integrity check has failed.

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I download VLC Media player from the internet.

After downloading this program IDM shows message that your download is completed successfully after receiving this message I double click at downloaded file then I try to install this program but I receive an error of incomplete download please tell me its solution.

NSIS Error

Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installer’s author to obtain a new copy.

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NSIS Error Installer integrity check has failed.



I suggest that you get a fresh installer of Vlc Player. You can get this player from other sites like softpedia. I usually get my players on that site. The one that you've downloaded will not be installed correctly even if you fix its bugs. The installer might not be the original form or simply corrupted.

Just download this: VLC Player for Windows

It is risky to bypass the corrupted state of your installer so just download a trusted copy of the player.

Next time you get your software on trusted sites like softpedia, brothersoft, or just ensure that these third party sources are not tolerating infected installers.

I hope that helps.


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NSIS Error Installer integrity check has failed.


This error occurred because the installer failed on self-check or has been changed from the original form. Because of this, you cannot continue with the installation. Try clearing your browser's cache. Or disable your IDM and re-download it from your browser and then try to download the VLC Media player. Use Internet Explorer for downloading. Perform a complete reset to disable all add-ons. To do this, just hold your Windows Key and press R. And then type inetcpl.cpl to launch the Internet properties window. Go to the Advanced tab and then click Reset. Select Continue and then download VLC again.

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NSIS Error Installer integrity check has failed.


There is really no problem with the download because the file has really been downloaded completely. But it turns out that the installer you just downloaded is somewhat damaged. NSIS stands for Nullsoft Scriptable Install System. It is a script-driven installation system from Nullsoft, the creator of Winamp, designed for Microsoft Windows with the least overhead.

NSIS is no different to Inno Setup, they are just the same. It is the container and the system that installs the software to the computer and not the software itself. To fix your problem, download VLC media player again but this time don’t use Internet Download Manager like what you did last time.

If you downloaded it from a different website, make sure to download it from its official website or simply from VLC media player for Windows. This assures you that the program is legit and not damaged. Install the program and check if the error will appear again. You see the NSIS error because the file you downloaded failed the corruption test.

But on the other hand, if downloading the installer even from its official website still resulted to the same error, your last option is to bypass the corruption test. To do this, click Start, Run, then enter without quotes “cmd” then hit Enter. Click and drag the installer to the command prompt window, press Space then type without quotes “/NCRC”. Hit Enter to start the installer. See image.

Although this method allows you to still run the installer, it is still not recommended.

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NSIS Error Installer integrity check has failed.

This error means that the original UMPlayer setup was corrupted. While installing, it does a self-checkup that identifies if any error with the installation has happened.
The best solution is to bot the installation, download a fresh copy of UMPlayer, and then run the installation process.
Also check out this Techyv post to get more help. Installer integrity check has failed

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