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How To Solve Can’t Login To Microsoft Account Issue In Windows 10


Solution 1: Performing Default recovery steps by Microsoft.

Now, these are some of the typical default recovery steps provided by Microsoft, and you can use these steps only in cases like if you have forgotten your password or email id.They are simple and are

clearly instructed after each step.

Solution 2: Make changes in group policy settings.

Now in scenarios where you know all your login credentials but still can’t login to your Microsoft account then there are quite some of solutions you can try, and one among them is making changes in group policy settings. Try the  following steps:

Step 1: open the Edit Group policies in group policies editor by searching it in the search bar.

Step 2: Now go to Computer Configuration then Policies then Windows Settings then Security Settings then Local Policies then Security Options then Other then Accounts: Block Microsoft Accounts

Step 3: Now go to find accounts: Block Microsoft accounts, then right click and select properties.

Step 4: From there select This policy is disabled.

Solution 3: Editing Registry.

Now if the previous solution didn’t work then your Group policy have not blocked your account. Now, in that case, you can try this registry fix.

Do as follows:

Step 1:  Open  Registry Editor by typing in Regedit in the search bar.

Step 2: Now go to HKEY_USERS then DEFAULT then Software then Microsoft then IdentityCRL then Stored Identities

Step 3: Now look for your account there, right click and delete it.

Step 4: Try to login again.

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