How a thread is different from a process ??

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Can anyone help me with the difference between thread and process and also elaborate the steps to verify the threads and processes in different operating systems like Red-Hat, Fedora, Ubuntu, Windows Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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How a thread is different from a process ??


Hello Ruby_Montano,

Both of them, threads and processes are ways of making an application parallel. Processes however execute as independent units with their own state information, they execute in their own address spaces and their interactions with each other only occurs via inter-process communication method which is managed by the operating system. They occur in applications at the design phase.

On the contrary, threads refer to a single coding that does not necessarily affect the architecture on which an application is running on. Many threads are grouped together to make a single process, and the threads within a process will execute in the same state and also share the same memory space. The threads can also communicate directly with each other due the similar variables that they have


Mahesh Babu

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