I want to know more about the Inception virus.

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What is the Inception Virus? Is there a connection between the virus and the 2010 movie? How does it target its victims? How is the software delivered to its victims? According to reports the virus has been reportedly targeting government agencies. Does this mean that ordinary citizens are not at risk from this one?


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I want to know more about the Inception virus.

As per sources, only few detailsare made available about this virus.
Inception virus is said to be originated in Russia and spread to 
other surrounding countries like Germany, France, Italy and Belgium.
It has been named as Inception virus due to the presence of several
layers in it's software design. Though it has attacked mainly the
government organisations we can't say that the ordinary citizens 
cannot become victims because it has also affected mobile devices
with its main target as IOS,Android and Blackberry platforms through
phishing attacks.The three main operators that are being attacked are
Vodafone, TMobile and Proximus(Belgacom). The suspects are generating
false clues so as not to reveal their original identity.

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