How to speed up my PC?

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My computers says, I'm running to many programs.

What can i do to speed it up?

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How to speed up my PC?


You can fix this by many ways. You can use ccleaner. Or, just delete some unnecessary programs.

You can also try deleting your history to speed up your PC.

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How to speed up my PC?


There are many ways to speed up your computer:

Solution 1: Upgrade all of your hardware, more specifically your RAM, Video Card, Processor and hard disk. This is pretty expensive actually but if you are willing to pay the price then might as well buy a new one with also the latest motherboard technology.

Solution 2: If you are experiencing slowing in your computer then start removing some of the unneeded start up programs by unchecking it in the Run command and then type MSCONFIG then startup. Just choose the things you don't need and also in the services. But be careful on unchecking on services it will not run the specified software once you unchecked it.

Uncheck services like themes, you can run your system without it.

Solution 3: Reformat your computer, It will surely speed up your computer but will remove programs that is installed in your computer. 

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How to speed up my PC?


If you’re computer is running slow and it tells you that you’re running too many programs, you most likely have insufficient memory that’s usable by your computer.  


One way to try and alleviate the problem is by setting the virtual memory to a constant higher value than the current setting. Virtual memory is a portion of your hard drive used by the computer when the RAM is not enough to cater to all the programs that you’re running simultaneously. To change Virtual Memory Size:


Go to Control Panel > System and Security > System.

Click Advanced > under Performance click Settings.

Click Advanced > under Virtual Memory click Change

Under Drive [Volume Label], click the drive that contains the page file (virtual memory) you’d like to change.

Under Paging file size for selected drive, click Custom size, type a new paging file size in megabytes (MB) then click Set.

Click Ok. Restart.


It is recommended that you keep the minimum and maximum size the same. Set the size to about twice your currently installed RAM.


The other option would be to install additional memory (RAM) in your system. Or, you can just close any programs that you don’t really need running to free up memory.

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How to speed up my PC?



You can increase your PC speed maintain performance well to Protect your PC to any viruses. Use spyware to collects personnel information and to privacy spyware can hamper your PC performance maintain well. Use Disk Clean up and Disk Defragmenter to free up space form the hard disk and optimize or maintain to improve the performance of your PC.

Go to my Computer and right click your Local Disk and go to the properties click tools and click Disk fragmentation to consolidate or fix the fragmented files programs, depending your space is available and to overall the performance of your PC.

Check if there an error to your PC go to the Error checking utility and scan the hardware for bad sector or to check if there an error in your file system.

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How to speed up my PC?


To speed up your PC you can apply many techniques. Beside these solutions you can apply another techniques too. Pay a visit this Techyv post to get more techniques. 

How to speed up my Lenovo G40 laptop?Please help

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