How to share wifi internet connection through LAN?

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Here's the situation, I have a Laptop with USB modem, (It doesn't use ethernet) and i want to share the internet connection to my other PCs using my laptops LAN. Is there a way to share it?

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How to share wifi internet connection through LAN?


Hello Saeedahmad,

 If you want that to make more public with your personal connection you need a WI-FI device. That WI-FI device able you to get signal from that place and it automatically detects when you set it to a public. Sometimes you can set it with a password if you want. 

Just to let you know some of WI-FI device has a limited distribution like 5 if i'm not wrong with this. The only thing you need is a WI-FI so you can get a signal from that PC's and able to use ethernet.

If you are using an USB Broadband no need for a WI-FI because WI-FI is set to a public and can search a signal along with the place.

Another option if that isn't working be sure that your USB modem is a WI-FI:

– Be sure your USB modem is plug on Desktop not on laptop

– And let your laptop be a receiver or as i have mention above you can set a password for a private

– Then you can have it search from desktop and search 

– Laptop has a WI-FI not like desktop don't have so make sure it's connected to Desktop

– Of course you can set password so you won't get anyone connected with your connections



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How to share wifi internet connection through LAN?


You can either use a WiFi connection or you can simply create you own network which will be a LAN. Both are easy ways to connect two computers within a distance. To implement a WiFi connection you need to purchase a WiFi device and then you can configure it manually as per you require. If you are using the LAN then you can also connect two devices it also requires router device and some cables to connect two computers. Both of them provides the best solution in this case. However it you want to get maximum speed over a network then you can implement a LAN connection. It is fast then WiFi connection but if you just want to run on normal speed you can either use a LAN or a WiFi connection. I hope the information i shared here will help you a lot to make your mind.

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