How i will connect bluetooth phone with pc?

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I have a micromax q7 mobile phone set and it has Bluetooth.

I want to use internet in my laptop using my mobile phone via Bluetooth service.

So how i will connect both of the computer and mobile phone for Bluetooth service?

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How i will connect bluetooth phone with pc?



In order for you to have a connection from your laptop to your phone through Bluetooth.

You can buy a device which is called Bluetooth dongle.

(Only if your PC/Laptop doesn't have a built-in Bluetooth)

If ever you already have that device,

You can install it by following the procedure below :

First, Insert your device(Bluetooth dongle) into the USB Port of your PC/Laptop.

Second, Wait for a while until the device detects by the PC/Laptop and you can now install the device driver software.
(If you don't have the specific device driver you can download it for free.)

Next, Enable the Bluetooth connection to the device you want to connect.
Then, If the connection is not yet ready/active, you must open your Bluetooth on your PC.

You can go to "Start" > click "Control Panel" > choose "Network and Internet" and lastly click the "Set up a Bluetooth enabled device" under the Bluetooth Devices.

On the devices window, Click the "Add" button..

And the dialog/wizard will appear and click the "Next" Button.

After that, you will see the different devices that are active and you can now choose which device you want to connect with. After choosing a device then click "Next" button again.

There's a option for you to create a passkey or not, Passkey is used for preventing the other devices on connecting to your PC/Laptop. Then, click again the "Next" Button and a window will show saying that a new hardware was found.

You can choose "Locate and install driver software" for you to install the other device.

And it's done.

I hope it will work and will help you also..  

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How i will connect bluetooth phone with pc?


Hope you have Bluetooth in-built in your laptop. Open Control Panel in your laptop.

Access Bluetooth Devices.

Click on the "Add Devices" button.

Your laptop will search for compatible devices near the laptop, when you click Next.

Open Bluetooth in your mobile as well.

Once your mobile is found in the laptop network, it will ask for a passkey to pair the devices.

Enter a simple code and click Pair button.

Enter the same key on the mobile also when the notification comes.

Now both devices are connected.

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