How to set my Android Device as Proxy Server?

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I am using an Android device with lots of applications installed on it.

I have read some sites that I could use my Android device to customize and set it up to make it a proxy server.

How does it happen and if it’s possible, how can I perform it?

Thank you.

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How to set my Android Device as Proxy Server?


Alright individuals. There is certainly this particular app called Transproxy that seems to become a viable treatment for the procurator difficulty. Right, today I will be unsure in the event that it's going to use all of your android mobile phone cells available. But through exactly just precisely what exactly I have tested, it functions just great. 

I actually do my personal tests with an Htc desire mobile phone btw. Such as constantly, We analyzed that inside community wherever internet entry is via type A proxy waiter, however with our hallmark. Therefore if someone can check this out on an authentication based placeholder system, this could be real accommodating! 

There is not much to succeed. You merely put in this as well as once you operate the particular app, you are going to see the above display. Merely enter in the details and also allow it to run. It really is because basic as that.

Also n00bs will discover this one an easy task to use. 

You should comment and i want to realize if this type of app industrial plant for you personally. 

Otherwise, well I'll offer you another ideas.

Transproxy apps
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How to set my Android Device as Proxy Server?


Hi Blake,

You can customize and make your Android Device as a proxy server. First, you should enable first the "Development" feature on your Android device. To do that, go to "Menu", choose "Settings", select "Applications" and enable "Development" and also, enable "USB Debugging".

After enabling those settings, download a proxy server via Android Market, if you want a free version, you can try Proxoid, but I recommend PDAnet proxy server since it is easy to use, no root required, risk free and easy to set up, but you should buy a $30 PDAnet software to your computer to get it work. 

To gain access via internet your mobile phone, tap PDAnet application on your phone and click "Connect" in the PDAnet on your computer.

Hope this helps.



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