Cell phone server detecting authorized network

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When various mobile operators frequency situated in a single area then mobile phone get problem to communicate with its authorized network and sometimes no network found.

Why this type of failure occur?

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Cell phone server detecting authorized network


Hey Rasul,

This kind of Issue can be found due to both mobile side issues and network side issues.

Mobile side issues :

  • Wrongly placed sim card.
  • Sim card not getting registered due to mobile internal antenna fault (hardware fault).
  • The mobile phone, in first of its priorities, searches for available networks under its available frequencies bands GSM/UMTS/HSPDA etc. Then After gathering the list of available networks, it communicates with the sim card network to get itself registered at its network e. g, AT&T, 3 or Voda Fone. The Mobile Phone stores Sim Card network as a default network whenever it searches for its particular network and gets successful registration on it. But sometimes when the another network is used which is not saved in current network list then after changing the sim card it automatically tries to get itself registered on previously registered sim card and the other network does not recognizes this phone and consequently you get an error message “Network not found” or “Network Registration Failed”.

Solution : In such a case you need to manually set your network as a default network by going to “Mobile  Settings” > Network > and “Search Network” and select your network manually .

Network side issues:

  • Sim card not yet activated by the network or the network does not recognize the sim card by any other reasons.
  • The Sim Card is being used outside your network availability

Solution : You may need to contact your service provider in order to eliminate these kind of network issues.

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Cell phone server detecting authorized network


I don’t think it’s possible that you will lose signal if you are located near a cell site. Even if the cell site is not the network where you are subscribed to, you will still receive signal from the cell site tower especially if you’re in an open area. You will only lose signal if you are in a remote area with very far or few cell sites around.

You will also lose your signal if you’re inside a very tight area like inside an elevator. If the area or your current location is inside a solid wall, it is very hard for the signal to get through. The solid walls will block the signal therefore preventing your handset from receiving adequate signal and communicate with the network.

If you have a very weak signal, you simply need to transfer to a different location to have a good signal reception. Also, try restarting your phone. I also experience it from time to time where the signal just drops for no reason. Restarting the handset normally fixes the signal problem.

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