How to remove spyware without harming the computer.

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I think my PC has been infected with a spyware called CWS Google MS3. Is it harmful, or should I just let it be?

Is there a way to remove it without harming my computer? (I think CWS stands for Cool Web Search)

Has this been developed by Google or is it really malware of some sort?

Please help.


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How to remove spyware without harming the computer.



There is much software available for removing the spyware. These tools have a list of all identified spyware applications, and they check all of the files in your system to their spyware list.

Once the scan is complete, you can choose what to do. Commonly you will decide to erase the spyware app, unless it has bound itself to some other file that you need.

After spyware is inside your computer there is the optimum thing that can materialize is nothing at all, but the chance for impending disaster is always looming.

You can contend with the problem of spyware slipping into your computer system by applying one of the many web-based spyware removal apps.

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How to remove spyware without harming the computer.


Hello Sabrina.

Fortunately for you, CWS Google MS3 is a very old spyware and, as such, is easy to remove using current spyware removers.  Here are your options:

1.  CWShredder – you can download it from here:

The standalone tool has not been updated for a long time but it's functionality is already integrated into Trend Micro products.

2.  Malwarebytes' Anti-malware is another reliable spyware removal tool.  It can remove CWS as well.

To answer your other question, CWS was not created by Google.

CoolWebSearch or CWS installs bookmarks to porn Web sites on your desktop and changes Internet Explorer's home page. It also slows down your computer's performance causing it to crash or freeze.

Hope this helps!

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How to remove spyware without harming the computer.


It's nothing exceptional to any one that affected by CWS ( Cool wbsearch spyware) on his computer. Actually it's a well-known spyware program that can be installed automatically in any windows based PC. CWS can effect through many way to your PC. But theirs something solvency make you relief. I'm gonna tell you about this.

CWS first appeared in IT world in the year of 2003. Since then, it created a personal habitat that is make us help to spotify it. When it is perfectly captured in a computer it may causes this harm-

1. It changed your web browser page to cool

At first it affected only internet explorer,but now it can causing harm to Mozilla, chrome, or opera any where.

2. It can illegally access users personal data from his computer.

3. Create pop up ads

4. Can able to redirect your web browser to any porn site!

5. It will show you unnecessary ebsite and add.

6. Your window have to faces many kind of blocked images and text.

7. It slow down your browsers speed.

8. Book marked uncertain porn site.

How to resolve it-  

Probably the solution is  CWShredder to remove this spyware from your computer. It can't effect your PC.

Download it from-

You also use this software tools-




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