How to fix Runtime Error 21 from FaceBook?

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I am using Windows Vista. I am having an error from which I think I got from using Facebook after clicking a link shared on my wall then redirect me to a webpage that I have no interest of. When I was about to leave the site, I got this pop up message stating:

Runtime Error 21 at 00DC49D2

After clicking the OK button below, another window opens with,

C: Windowssystem32splmncsjapi32.exe.

My desktop icons disappears and the error keeps popping. I need help. What do I need to resolve this?

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How to fix Runtime Error 21 from FaceBook?


The file ncsjapi.exe is associated with a Trojan virus. It installs itself on your computer automatically, once you have it and can cause harm to your computer. It typically shown with Runtime Error 21. This error is typically shown in Windows Vista based computer.


This is because your computer cannot read the virus ncsjapi32.exe that it needs to run. This virus is known to spread on Facebook.

To remove this:

Since ncsjapi32.exe kept in your C:WindowsSystem32splm folder, this has to be removed by following the steps below:

  1. Restart in Safe Mode (Upon boot-up continue tapping F8 then select Safe Mode).
  2. Click Start then Run.
  3. Type CMD in the search box.
  4. Type C:WindowsSystem32 then enter.
  5. Type RMDIR splm /S then enter to delete the infected splm folder.
  6. Then restart on normal mode.

This process will delete the splm folder and all its contents.

You can also use your own Antivirus Tool to remove the ncsjapi32.exe, just open it and scan your whole system then delete the found virus threat.

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How to fix Runtime Error 21 from FaceBook?


The solutions above are totally complete. I could not ask for more. This is the best so far. Thanks people for helping.

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