How to install windows7 using USB drive?

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I need someone to help me to install Windows 7 using USB drive.

I am not finding any option of selecting USB drive, as a bootable media in my computer BIOS setting.

I have tried it on my laptop. But I failed.

Is it possible to do in my laptop?

How can I do it?

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How to install windows7 using USB drive?


If you want to install Windows from USB drive, you will have to create a USB flash drive to install Windows 7. If you want to create the flash drive, you can visit the website of the Microsoft and from the Microsoft store, you can purchase the Windows 7 and download it as an ISO file. Then you can use the windows 7 USB/DVD download tool for creating the USB flash drive, that you can use to install windows 7 on your computer.

To start Windows 7 from the USB flash drive that you have created as given above. First, you can turn on the computer and then you can insert the USB flash drive created by you into the USB port. Then you can shutdown your computer. Then again you can restart your computer. Then a message will be shown to press any key.

You can press any key and then you can follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Then when the install window page appears on the screen, you can click on the install now to start installing Windows 7 on your computer. If the install page does not appear, you will have to change the BIOS setting to USB drive, as the first start up device. Newer computers will have the option to start from USB drive.

If your laptop BIOS setting does not have the option to boot from USB drive, you can go to the manufacturer's website to get the solution. Other option is to update your BIOS. The exact way to do this depends on the manufacturer of the computer. Your question does not have the details about the manufacturer and model. If you can provide it then I can give an exact solution. The latest version of the BIOS for your laptop can be found from the website of the manufacturer of your laptop.

You can download the latest version of the BIOS from the website and then install it on your laptop. You will have to reboot your computer after installing the new version of the BIOS on your computer, so that the changes will be done. Then you will find the option to boot your laptop from the USB flash drive you created. Then you can install the windows as mentioned above.
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How to install windows7 using USB drive?


Make sure that you have prepared your pen drive to install Windows 7.

If it is not, go and search the Internet you will find easily how to prepare the pen.

Sometimes in the BIOS set up you cannot see the pen drive as a bootable device.

But there some short cut keys (F8, Tab…etc) to select the booting device during the booting process.

By using that key you can easily boot the USB pen.

(If you don’t know the key browse the Internet and find it).

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