How to install ares vista connector?

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I want ares Vista connector to be installed on my PC so that I will be able to use it. I need help in this regard from the users. Tell me from where I can be able to download it and the procedure to install in on my PC. I am waiting for the reply.

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How to install ares vista connector?




I just found two sites that may help you out and resolve your problem. The sites contain direct links from where you can download ares for free, and they also contain the info you need to make a successful installation. 
Check them out, 


2. (this one is from the official Ares website)



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How to install ares vista connector?


Hi Jolieyuliana,
The steps to install ares vista connector are as follows:
1) Turn off the computer and unplug the cord for the monitor
2) Locate the old card in the internal circuit board of the monitor
3) Press the plastic tab under the video card connection to the motherboard
4) Place the Ares card in the same slot with the cards fan facing upside
5) Lock the card inside the device
6) Plug the two eight pin and one six pin power connectors into the plug ends of the Ares
7) Connect the monitor to ARES, plug the power cord in the computer and turn the machine on
8) Install the Ares drivers from the CD and restart the system

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