The relative name contains space or empty. WinZip

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Error in copy Files To – The relative name contains only space or empty.

When I am trying to create a Zip file with a Web Service by using application, an exception error message comes up. The Zip file is not as complicated as it contains only text files and a folder contains some images. It can be accessed with WinZip application. The error message details as follows:

Type : System – Argument Exception

Error : The relative name contains space or empty.

Source : Exceed – File system

I am using the Windows 7 as OS.

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The relative name contains space or empty. WinZip


If you need to built a ZIP or archive form your files then you can do this only by the way through the program that supports the zip files. One such a program is WINZIP you can install it and you can then solve your problem. If you have no such program and you are just coding to so that then keep it up and you will be go with your problem. I need to know here what tools you are using also. But if you are using the WinRAR or winzip to do the same thing it will be easy to do and you can easily do the thing from these programs either you have text files or pictures. Both the things can be compressed and you can do that by using a program.

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