How to Identify a Fraudulent Email Letter ?

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Hi Experts!

I've been receiving a lot of emails on a daily basis. Most of it comes from unknown sender. What I want to know is, how can I identify if the email is a fraudulent email or not? The question may seem to be very common to ask, but believe me I am getting confused on which one on my inbox is fraudulent or not. How can I stop it from sending me emails? I need advices. Thanks.

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How to Identify a Fraudulent Email Letter ?


Hi Mdarifsadik,

It is easy. When you get an email telling you that you have won some amount of money and you do not remember participating in any lottery or game, then that's a fraudulent email letter. In most cases, the sender of the email will request you to send them money so that they can send you the prize you have won. They will normally quote the prize you have won to be a large sum of money while the money they expect you to send to be a smaller amount just to entice you. Be careful with this.

Other fraudulent letter cases are whereby the sender poses to have job opportunities, but in return they need you to send them money so that they can process your flight tickets and other stuff.

They come in many forms. So anytime you get an email and something sounds fishy about, always be wise in your decision. Ask if you are confused (here on TechyV), and we will always be glad to help you.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung.

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How to Identify a Fraudulent Email Letter ?


 Here is a checklist to identify fraudulent email message:

If the email address have a lot of letters and numbers intermixed, it is normally considered a fake email address. Only open an email address of this type if you know the sender.

A fake email address usually starts with a known company name and finishes with an @free email service provider

A message that is urgent or that needs immediate attention, ones with spelling and grammatical errors, any email asking you for personal information like passwords or bank account numbers and emails with impersonal greetings like “Dear valued customer” are clues that will help you recognize a fake email address.

If the email contains fake links (beware of this), the message body is an image (you can tell when the pointer becomes a hand when you rest the pointer on the message body) and give you promises that seem too good to be true, the email message is a fraud.  

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How to Identify a Fraudulent Email Letter ?


Fraud is on the Internet, this can be in a form of email, lottery winnings, solicitations, fake online orders and transactions.

In email, fraud is easily to identify. If you receive an email not registered to your contact list, not included and not familiar to you then you have to think it twice.

If you'll read the content of the email, it ask for personal information such as, email address, contact information, credit cards, social security numbers and other related alike. This is fraud.

The other way is to research it through the Internet. Copy and paste the email address on the Google websites. Mostly, it'll display results and it gives details on what that email address is. Read some comments, feedbacks if it's trust worthy.

Email fraud ask something before they give nothing. Although, they promise to give something back after you give your part. And this is fraud.

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