Yahoo Messenger Sign in problem

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Why I'm getting problem on yahoo messenger every time I log in?

This makes me change my password all the time to ensure safety and security of my yahoo account.

Every time I log in, I make sure that my username and password match and they are 100% correct.

But even if I put correct information, there's always an error and problem signing in.

I can open my account in yahoo mail but not on yahoo messenger.  

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you.

This is what happened every time I log on to yahoo messenger:

Problem

There was a problem signing you in to Yahoo Messenger.

The password you entered is incorrect. Click "Close" to re-enter it, or click "Forgot Password…" if you have forgotten your ID or password. (810030002)

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Yahoo Messenger Sign in problem


When you register to yahoo mail, automatically you will get a yahoo messenger.

That means that your yahoo mail account and yahoo messenger account are the same.

If you sign in successfully to yahoo mail it must be successful also to yahoo messenger. Maybe there’s some problem about your yahoo messenger application.

Try to uninstall the yahoo messenger and install a new updated one, but if a problem still occurred, try to clear cookies of your browser.

If you don’t know how to clear cookies of your browser just search the internet on how to clear cookies of your browser because it depends on the browser that you are using.

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Yahoo Messenger Sign in problem


me too, I did experience that before but then it turned out that my internet connection has something to do with it.

Because of the slow connection, I experienced a lot of troubles accessing my yahoo messenger account.

Anyway just recently I read in an article that a certain Duqu virus was discovered which is very much like Stuxnet virus which came out last June 2010.

To further read the story, You may check it here

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Yahoo Messenger Sign in problem


Hi Kelly,

I have experienced that before and in my case, it was because the internet connection speed was a bit slow. So you could be having the same situation. You can check the status of your internet connection by pinging the status of  

Just go to start, then all programs, then accessories where you will see the command prompt.

Click on it. In the command line type:

Ping, and then press enter. Check if packets are being transmitted, or if there is any percentage loss during the transmission.

But other times the problem could be resulting due to the proxy settings and other security credentials that your computer has that may be posing some restriction to the yahoo messenger.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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