How Good is PA Server Monitor 4?

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Have you tried using PA server monitor 4? Can anyone please tell us how good is PA server monitor in windows servers? Please list down its best and unique features and its limitations if there are, based on your experienced as a user. It would be very helpful if you can give us the comparison of PA server monitor with similar applications to give us a clear differentiation of PA server monitor with other applications based on your recommendations and suggestions.

Thank you very much for your help.

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How Good is PA Server Monitor 4?




Once you install PA Server Monitor on your computer, you will monitor not only all the Event Logs on servers around your network but also the remote ones. This will help you inspect all the Logons and also when Logon fails.


You can also set up a lot of alerts to let you know about all the events you want.

The Event Log Reports will quickly create a report on any event, any time.

You can do all these things with only one software. It will really make your life easier. 

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How Good is PA Server Monitor 4?



PA Server Monitor 4.0 is a software that allows you to monitor a network and the availability of the Windows servers. This will lessen your work because it is easy to configure the monitoring of more than a hundred of devices and servers with just a few clicks. It will also secure the monitoring and the remote offices even without VPN, and holes in the remote firewall.

This software can monitor the following:

1. Disk space

2. Directory quotas

3. FT servers

4. Citrix Monitoring

5. Room temperature and server

6. Running process

7. Event logs

8. Memory, Network ad CPU usage

9. Log files

10. SNMP object values

11. Webpage content

12. Ping response times

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