Error in setting up networks: Cannot log in

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A while ago, I set up a network with one server and one client with both Operating System of Mac X 10.7. I created DNS, LDAP, and network users to log into either server or client.

The problem is that the server unmounts the disk I am using when I log in as a network user. Because of this, nobody can log in. It only works when I reboot or log in as a local user.

Can anybody help me? Please give me an advice on what to do.

Thank you!

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Error in setting up networks: Cannot log in


Hi Alberto Lawrence,

Actually this is a potential problem with MAC OS X server. So personally I would not recommend MAC as your first choice as a server. There has been a lot of issue regarding this. Actually MAC is an end your operating system and as per my understating server should provide lot of customization and services, which unfortunately MAC doesn’t. As per my experiences external drives are not mounted until unless some user initiates a session.

Did you checked if you have “AutomountDisksWithoutUserLogin” key value as true. If this is the case then it should automatically mount.

I will also suggest creating home directories on local disk instead of external disk.



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