Error: Unlocker Error Debug Privileges On Windows.

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Recently I had installed a software to delete files completely and cleanly from my computer. While using it, I get the error – unlocker error debug privileges and the files is not deleted. Please help.

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Error: Unlocker Error Debug Privileges On Windows.

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After analyzing your problem, it seems that your have issue with the administrative rights for your computer. You can solve your problem in two ways.
• Log out of your PC. Now log in again as admin and use the software. This must work. Now, go to control panel and set up user rights for the user you were previously logged in as. Make sure the previous user had rights to use third-party apps and also delete files.
If the above solution does not work,
• Go to the ‘Administrative Tools’ of control panel. From here, select ‘Local Security Policy’ and select the ‘Local Policies’ directory. Click on ‘User Rights Assignment.’ Open the ‘Local security policy’ dialogue box and create or add a new user. Now enter your username.

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