How to give bootscan in my PC?

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Hi! Friends,

I have been having a great problem with virus attacks on my PC.

I have Avira Antivirus on my PC and when I scanned the whole PC, it says that some files are locked and can’t be deleted. 

I think they are system files. 

So, what can I do, if I want to delete these viruses from the PC? 

Do I need to set up my PC or is there any other solution for that?

Please help!



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How to give bootscan in my PC?


Hello! There,

In his post, which did not mention your Avira version and operating system you're using. However, the procedure for different versions of Avira will not differ one from another. I think that the instructions will then be useful for you.

  1. Double click on the AntiVirus Avira application to launch system tray icon.
  2. Locate the expert in window mode checkbox and click to activate the expert mode.
  3. In the scanner application section, click the tree that displays and expand to several options. Select scan and report, and then click Analyze.
  4. Locate the additional configuration within the main window of the scan. This panel should contain some additional settings related to the boot sector of the hard disk. Check the boxes 'scan boot sectors of selected drives' and 'Main scan boot sectors'. Recommend you do a full scan of the system in the beginning, to solve all the problems.
  5. Click OK, and then analyze.

You must have an option to reboot now or scan in the next restart. Select the option you want.

I hope this helps!

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How to give bootscan in my PC?


Yes! Setting up your PC is a good idea, but not the best. For best results, you have to boot scan your PC. I don’t use Avira, but I use AVG and Avast. So, there are two option for you:

  1. Avast Antivirus Bootscan
  2. AVG bootscan

1. Avast Antivirus Bootscan

For this option you have to download Avast Antivirus Free edition and install it. You may need to restart your PC. After that, start Avast Control Panel and from Scan Computer option, select Boot-Time Scan option. After that restart your PC and the scan will start.

2. AVG bootscan

Download AVG boot scan. Download the USB stick version, for doing a boot scan from pen drive. Extract the files in a folder. After that, put all files from the folder to a pen drive. Don’t copy the folder but only files and don’t put them in a folder in the pen drive too. After that double-click on the makeboot.bat file. Now your pen drive is bootable.

Now setup your BIOS so that it can boot from the pen drive. After that insert your pen drive and reboot the PC. After a moment a link, as given below will appear, if you do all the things correctly.

Now select whichever option you want to. That’s all.

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