Virus worms damage prevent caused

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How can I possibly prevent or at least lessen the possible damage that may caused by a virus or worms?

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Virus worms damage prevent caused



Prevention and cure – both the term applicable to Antivirus Software. If your Antivirus is updated you need not to be worried. You have to keep in mind and follow strictly that an Antivirus program is running with your computer.

The Antivirus is updated as it needs to be updated for maintaining its performance. It successfully complete scan of your computer.

You are satisfied with the performance of your Antivirus. Make sure that your Antivirus is compatible with you i.e. your current activities.

You can change it and install another one you prefer. However, through maintaining good Antivirus programs you can prevent damage caused by a Virus.     

I hope you understand it.


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Virus worms damage prevent caused


The most effective method of not getting infected by a computer virus is to have an antivirus that is always up-to-date. What I mean by up-to-date is the virus signature database of the antivirus should always be updated. That’s the only way your antivirus can protect you.

Because even if you have the latest edition of the antivirus, if you don’t update its virus signature database, it is still not effective. You will still be vulnerable to different forms of attacks or infections like spyware and virus. The only limitation of using an antivirus is that it cannot protect you against harmful websites when you are surfing the net.

If you also want to be protected against dangerous and rouge websites, shifting to an internet security program would be the best. With an internet security application, you are not only protected against viruses, spyware, and other threats but you are also protected against websites that can harm your machine.

When you have an internet security program, when you visit a site that is not familiar to you, the internet security program will alert you if there is danger on the website you visited. This only happens if the website is listed among dangerous websites. This is checked and verified by the internet security program from its server.

Here are several security programs you can try to protect your computer:

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