How to extract Microsoft office icons?

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Hello fellows,

How to extract Microsoft office icons?

I would like to explore the world of Microsoft software application packages.

This is very important nowadays so let us study about the ability and feature of Microsoft applications.

Also include your brilliant idea about the unknown features of Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint.

Thank you.


Witt Pottey.

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How to extract Microsoft office icons?


Hi Witt Pottey

There is a simple way to extract Microsoft office icons.
  1. Download the Office 2010 Add in Icons Gallery.
  2. It’s a doc’s file with two backstage tabs that holds icons.
  3. You need to extract icons just follow the steps below.
  4. Click on the icon gallery to see the images and imageMSO name which your need all in same place.
  5. Click the into the text box with the imageMSO information.
  6. It’ll automatically select the text.
  7. Now you can copy and paste into your work.
  8. These galleries contain jpeg’s images in them.
  9. They will take a time to load.
Unknown Features of MS WORD
  1. Keep your paragraph together
  2. You can change the documents date automatically
  3. You can fit more text on a single page
  4. You can print on both side of printer
  5. Place an object on its own page
Unknown Features of MS Excel
  1. Hold the ctrl and ~ key to show formulas in all cells
  2. Create a new shortcut and right click then go to properties where you can edit the target of shortcut type “/e” at the end of directory path listing to Excel.exe to disable the splash screen.
  3. You can turn text into numbers.
Unknown Features of MS PowerPoint 
  1. You can easily add images and videos to PowerPoint presentations
  2. You can customize background
  3. You can advance to any slide out of sequence
  4. You can blank the screen during presentation.
I hope that I’ll be very useful to for understanding the basic stuff of MS OFFICE. Enjoy!
Jhonstoon Leen

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