Steps Of How Do I Make A Calendar In Word

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Hi. I am not very tech-savvy. I have recently started using MS-Word. I have a doubt about how do I make a calendar in word? Is that even possible? If yes, what are the steps which need to be followed? Thanks in advance.

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Steps Of How Do I Make A Calendar In Word


Hi. Yes, it is very much possible to create a calendar in MS-Word. If you have a doubt about how do I make a calendar in word, then, follow the below-given steps which are very easy to understand.

1) Open MS-Word and click on calendar

2) Then, among the options mentioned, click on single page

3) The image which needs to be created needs to be double-clicked on

4) To open the template, click on the create option. If you want to continue with some other template, then, click on file menu and click on the close option. Then, start again

5) There will be a template with the company name and some default text written on it. So, click on it and replace the default text. The company name and its vision can also be added to the template

6) You can also use the formatting tools to format the text in the text box

7) You can also change the font styles and re-arrange the days of the week

8) Select the design option after selecting any cell within the table which comprises of days of the month. You can tune the design of the table by clicking on tablemove option

9) An image which you want to replace should be double-clicked on and then delete option should be selected. A new image can then be inserted at its place

10) Click on insert menu and then select pictures. The image to be used by you can be selected by clicking on the file manager. The image can also be re-sized if not appropriate

11) Either you can click on ctrl+A to select the entire calendar or click on home menu, then click on the editing group and click on select all

12) Create a new page for every month. Then, click anywhere outside the calendar and then click on ctrl+V eleven times

13) On each page, edit the name of the month on each page

14) Select the file menu then click on save. Then click on documents and then type the name of the calendar. Click on save.

15) Your calendar will now get saved as a word document

Hope we helped.

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