Can’t open the file Word came in email

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Hello Everybody,

It’s been two weeks of using again my desktop because I’m at vacation. Now when I’m trying to look into my files got a ridiculous error that can’t access the folder. That folder has a plenty of important files. How could I access this folder again without formatting the drive? Does anyone has encountered this problem? Please share, Thanks everybody!


Location is not available

C:UsersLawrenceMy Documents is not accessible.

Access in denied.

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Can’t open the file Word came in email





Some further details might have been more helpful in diagnosing the issue, such as, if your system is on a domain etc.

However, let’s assume your system is NOT on domain. Then this error means that some of the permissions or user name / authority on your system has been changed or altered. I am using two words, changed (as when the change is being performed by the user) and altered (as any alteration performed by some malware / Trojan / or unauthenticated user)

In order to tackle this, perform these steps:

1-      Boot your system in safe mode with an Administrator – To do this Re-Start the system, and just after the bios boot on the re-start. Press F8 two or three times, and you will be asked to boot from which menu.

2-      Now go to Start –Programs- accessories- windows explorer.

3-      Browse to your folders on the C Drive – Right click- select properties- click security tab-click OK

4-      When a security message pops up- click Advanced-Owner tab-In the names list select your (Administrator) name- Mark the Replace Owner on subcontainers and objects check box. Click OK, Yes and OK

5-      Perform the steps number 3 and 4 for taking ownership of files also

6-      Click Add and in the "Enter the object…list" type Administrator- Click OK

7-      In the group / user name list click on administrator, then tick the check box for permission s- to (Full Control [allow])

Now Re-Start your system in normal mode, your problem should be resolved



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Can’t open the file Word came in email


Do you save your folder,file or document name in your computer properly to enhance.If you can't save the folder,file,document name you won't open the folder,file or document unless you have malpractice on it.Are you thinking memorization to find out where you have done your folder,file,document.Recall the file saving circumstances that where you had been saved the file,under some folders?The error message shown by the image that your file had been saved by a name Lawrence in the My document at the C drive where the file was not saved duly because the root was jam.To resolves your problems you can click on undo or redo menu.

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Can’t open the file Word came in email


Usually when you log in with limited user account, you will not be able to access files from Local Disk C or Hard disk. The solution is, log on with an account with all privileges (Computer Administrator Account) and try accessing your files.

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