How does technology affect our family relationship?

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Hi Guys,

I want to write an essay about technology and humans everyday life. Can you give me some example regarding

how does technology affect our relationship with our family?


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How does technology affect our family relationship?


Technology can affect us in many ways. The biggest problem right now with tech is that in factories it replaces humans; the machines can do the work faster, better and cheaper, so that means fewer jobs for us. So you would say…ok but how is this affecting our relationship with our families?

The answer is simple, if your father or mother is out of work, than means they don’t have money, they are stressed, they are sad, maybe even mad, and if they have a child, they can’t support that child and this is all because of technology. 

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How does technology affect our family relationship?



Hello Elvis Garcia,

My pleasure to help you.

I will give you some points to show how Technology affects Humans Relationship with each other.

Think you are a farther of 10 years older boy. And you are very busy with your job or business. End of the day you come to home and start Skype with your friend who living in another country. In here The Computer and the Skype is there a result of Technology. So you spend all your free time with Computer without company your small son. It effects his small brain very deeply as maybe he will hate you for all long his life because you didn’t care of him. Maybe because of your careless he would miss his needs as you don’t look after that he has done his home works, you didn’t ask what he has done in the school at the day, even he played some little game for a day as a child. So he is alone for the day and no one is there to share his little experiences.

Think again that you have an addiction of playing video games as a student. All day long you are playing without studying or without share your life with your parents. Even you don’t care of your foods. How much of effect that you get. You will fail your exams, you will lose your parents love and maybe you will get some psychological problem.

From my short description I think you will get some idea about that how Technology affects Humans Relationship. And my personal idea is as Technology is good for human life to make their works easy and to simple the life, but the addiction of Technology or too much of familiar with technology will destroy the human life from earth forever. And the earth will be a hell with lots of technology. You can collect my idea too for your essay if it suits with you task. Thinking in various areas as showed, you can collect more ideas for your assay.

Thank you.

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