Experiencing problems with AT&T Blackberry Bold (9000)

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I’ve been experiencing problems with my AT&T Blackberry Bold (9000).

At first, it appeared to be dead; the device wouldn't charge, reboot, turn on or exhibit any sign of life, except a blinking red light when I would plug it in the charger (however, it wasn’t charging yet).

I tried to reset (Alt + Shift + Del) and then it was no longer blinking red but the screen was white and reading an error message "Reload Software 507".

Even though the computer beeps when I plug the BB in by USB, the Desktop Manager 4.6 does not acknowledge the connection.

I have already taken the following steps:

– replacing the battery

– pressing "Alt + Shift + Del" simultaneously

– re-installing the designated AT&T/Blackberry 9000 OS for the device (there were 2 downloads, Desktop Manager and handheld device)

Nothing has worked. The phone still says "Reload Software 507.'

When I go through the Application Loader Wizard, I get stuck by an error message that says "The BlackBerry Desktop Software does not have BlackBerry Device Software for the device you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator."

HELP please!

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Experiencing problems with AT&T Blackberry Bold (9000)


I think the problem here is with your mobile phone that doesn’t start properly. The phone should be working well so that the computer will be able to recognize it properly. If you upgraded your phone’s operating system to the latest version when this problem started, then you should try restoring your device’s previous operating system if it’s possible. But I’m not sure if you will be able to do this since your phone doesn’t start right.

Even if you already installed your phone’s desktop software on to your computer and connected the phone to the computer, the system will still not be able to recognize the phone because the phone is not working right. It seems that this problem is severe you should not attempt to fix it by yourself to avoid extending the damage. You should bring it back to the store where you bought it. They are the one who will be assessing the repairs.

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