Now it’s the era of the smart-phone. Designing my website only for laptops and computers will be of no use. I should add screen resolution to my website to make it fit in different types of screens w

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My Thunderbird is giving the error message Thunderbird not responding for quite a long time. I have tried installing the latest version but still it doesn’t solve the issue. Please someone help.

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I am looking for fix for Thunderbird error messages Thunderbird stopped working. It’s causing me a  of problem as I am unable to use it anymore. Need urgent help in fixing this problem.

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Hello. I came across the free email program. Can someone give me a technical approach to the Mozilla Thunderbird Review? I am planning to use it for official purposes. Any assistance in the same would

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Hello. I need help regarding the use of Mozilla Thunderbird Manual setup. Where can I download the software? How do I set it up? Is it free to use?

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Hi everybody,

I am using Windows 7 operating system. A few days ago, my Thunderbird was crashing without any reason.

On that I have 2 inboxes. One is for office purpose and the other one is for personal use. Again, I restarted Thunderbird, but unfortunately my official inbox was empty except few messages. Other personal inbox was totally disappeared.

Are there any way to get my messages again? Anybody faced this type of issue before? Please give me a solution to rectify this Problem. Thanks in advance for any help.

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I am using HP Pavilion 10 with Red Hat Linux 6 (64 bit). I have Thunderbird 24.3.0 installed in it.

A couple of  days back, I have deleted lots of mails because of space issues and from that time onwards I am unable to move, delete the messages or save sent messages. I am having 2 IMAP accounts configured in it. One Is Zimbra and another one is Gmail. The syncing is happening fine still but I am unable to move, delete messages. I have deleted the.Myself files, keeping it in safe mode. Nothing really worked.

Can somebody help me out please?

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I am using Mozilla Thunderbird for mail send/receive. My system is having Windows 7 Professional, AMD processor with AVG Antivirus Free edition installed.

I wanted to use AVG along with Thunderbird. But looks like it is not working as expected. With Yahoo it is scanning the mails I am sending and receiving Both. When using Hotmail only incoming Hotmail is being scanned. While sending mail from Hotmail it is showing error trying to connect to When I want to use Gmail I can't send/receive mails with same server error.

I have followed all given instructions for AVG installation, but I am not sure what is the problem here.

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I am using Thunderbird and trying to access address book in which I have all email details but I am unable to open this. When I try to open this program an error message displays showing a problem with address book. What could be the problem with this? Can you fix this problem? I would be grateful to you.

Could not open address book

There was a problem opening the address book “Personal” – the message returned was: Cannot open book: table folders has 8 columns but 6 values were supplied

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I am using Mac and Thunderbird 16.0.2 and can’t send nor save emails anymore. I receive this error message “Unable to save your message as draft. Please verify that your Mail & Newsgroups account settings are correct and try again”. What to do now? Suggest me.


Save Draft Error

Unable to save your message as draft.

Please verify that your Mail & Newsgroups account settings are correct and try again.

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