How do I run Chaos test tools?

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How do I run Chaos test tools?  I have Version 7.2-1.2 and I'd like to test PnP, I/O and the power system to find crashes in the system.  Does it cache and sanitize CSS?  Any tips would be appreciated.  By the way, my OS is xp 64 bit.  Thank you.

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How do I run Chaos test tools?





If you want to do any type of Device Fundamentals tests and check for your general requirement and data reading instructions, you should go to a Windows Device Center and check the guidelines there.


This one here :  tells you everything you need to know about CHAOS tests ( PnP driver tests, device driver fuzz tests and power system tests ), Coverage tests ( various I/O request packets <IRPs> ), CpuStress tests and many more.


Hope this was useful!

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