Disc copy software to retrieve files from a corrupted dvd?

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I have a DVD containing files from my office and wanted to add some more documents to it. I was using Nero express to add files to the DVD. During the burning process, a power interruption had occurred and the process was terminated. When I try to open the disc again, my laptop can no longer read the disc. The DVD contains other important files. Was my DVD corrupted? Is it possible that I can retrieve the my documents using a disc copy software?

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Disc copy software to retrieve files from a corrupted dvd?



Hi! There are several software you can use in recovering your file from your DVD or CD.

You can use the "Bad CD/DVD Recovery" helps you to recover all data or files on your DVD or CD disk, all damage and unreadable dick. This software is made for recovering damaged files from different disk such as an HD DVD, CD, Blu-Ray and DVD. The latest version of this software is 4.4 that may fix all bugs and unspecified update.

You can use the other option which is the "IsoBuster". This software can support all types of disk including DVD, CD, Hard drives, USB flash drives, BD or HD DVD, Zip drives, floppies, Jaz drives and many more. This software can recover all unwanted deleted files from all types of media that mention earlier. This software is easy to use where you just launch this software select the disk or media you want to recover and IsoBuster will do the rest.

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Disc copy software to retrieve files from a corrupted dvd?


Hi Owen,

Possibly your DVD is corrupted due to the interrupted process taken. This is due to bad filters that causes driver error code this device driver is not working properly. Bad filter cause the device is no longer readable in your My Computer or Explorer. Your computer no longer detects your DVD or can't write to writable media. Other reasons why your device is not recognizable:

  • Corrupt or bad drivers.
  • Corruption in Windows.
  • Computer Virus
  • The device is not connected properly.

To fix issue and retrieve again your documents, try the following steps

  1. Try to test your DVD in another computer. It is possible that the DVD is to be bad and dirty. Clean your DVD with the cleaning kit or a normal clean cloth.

    • Wipe against the tracks starting from the middle of the DVD and wiping towards the outer side.
    • Used water only when cleaning substance.
  2. Test the DVD-ROM in Safe Mode.
  3. Verify that your DVD-ROM cable is properly connected.
  4. You should reinstall the 3rd party disk and DVD products.

    • Run the automated solutions for CD and DVD driver can't read or write media.
    • The software will diagnose and repair CD and DVD driver issue.
  5. If all else fails, use a corrupt disc recovery Bad Copy Pro software. 

Hope this aids in your dilemma.

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